I have a passion for improving natural movement, our bodies are amazing well adapted machines built for completing extraordinary tasks, the problem is how we use them. We spend 6-15 hours a day sitting (depending on our jobs) and then ask them to perform tasks such as walking, running, lifting weights, bike riding, sport, and the list goes on. My focus is on restoring normal movement patterns, and teaching our bodies to move the way they were built to.

A typical treatment will involve:

  • Subjective and objective assessment where I find out all about your pain, function and lifestyle. We will then got through a series of movement tests looking at range, quality, strength and function.
  • Treatment involves a wide variety of options such as manual therapy, dry needling, movement correction and a home exercise program.
  • Personalised rehab plan to work towards your specific goals.

I want to empower you to trouble shoot and manage your own body.

Equine Physio

I have been fascinated by equine biomechanics my entire life, influence of the rider on movement and improving performance. Treating horses is a holistic endeavour which encompasses multiple elements. A typical treatment will start with:

  • Subjective exam of current performance, training, perceived issues and potential veterinary involvement.
  • Depending on the issue, a ridden or in hand assessment of the horses movement will follow.
  • From there treatment will focus on reducing pain with tools such as stretching, massage, dry needling.

The focus then moves to improving dysfunctional movements and advice in regards to home exercises and training goals. Depending on the type of issue, veterinary consultation may be sought to ensure the best outcome is achieved for your horse.

Canine Physio

Our four legged best friends suffer from aches and pains just like us. With selected breeding we put our dogs at risk of congenital disorders such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia etc. As our dogs age they also suffer from issues similar to us, such as osteoarthritis, which can cause muscle wastage and a reduction in mobility. A typical treatment session would include:

  • An in depth subjective assessment to determine the main issues, lifestyle factors and goals.
  • Assessment looks into movement, strength, mobility and pain.
  • Treatment will typically involve massage, joint mobilisations, stretching, dry needling and exercise prescription.
  • A home program for the owner will address movement problems, pain management, exercise management.

If required, consultation with a vet will ensure the best possible outcomes for your best friend.

Horse Training

I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old, I participated in the State Showjumping Squad for several years, I have taught at multiple pony clubs over the past 5 years, I have retrained several ex-racehorses, and broken in and trained several young horses.

My focus is on creating a trusting relationship to develop a balanced, responsive and enjoyable ride with any horse that I train. Training involves in hand work, lunging, flatwork, jumping, road rides and desensitisation. I also work with the owner to determine specific goals for change whether its rehabilitation from injury, being brought back in from a spell, working through behavioural issues and improving performance.