Fun Facts

Throughout my study and practice as a physiotherapist I have found out some amazing things about our bodies! Here are a collection of my favourites!

How many bones hold a horses front leg to its body?
ZERO! A horses forelimb is joined to its trunk by a functional sling of muscles. This effectively suspends the ribcage between the shoulder blades. This is a very important idea to consider this when thinking about training your horse.
How many kilometres per hour can a greyhound run?
Greyhounds can run at about 56 kilometres per hour! They are excellent long distance runners and are able to maintain these high speeds for several kilometres.
How many joints are involved in the process of human respiration?
There are a massive 147 different joints involved in breathing! These work with a wide variety of inspiratory muscles that aid in inhalation and expiratory muscles and that induce exhalation.
How many eyelids does a dog have?
Dogs have 3 layers of eyelids! The third one is a membrane responsible for protecting and lubricating the eyeball.
How much heat is generated by the muscular system of humans?
Over 80% of the heat generated by people is achieved through the contraction of muscles. Maintaining the correct body temperature is an important job of the muscular system. When body heat drops below ideal levels, the skeletal muscles increase their activity to create heat. Shivering is a great example of this mechanism in action.
How many bones does a horse have?
Horses have 205 bones in their bodies. Which is nearly the same number of bones as a human does. We have 206 bones.

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