About Me

I studied at Monash University and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree (with Honours) in Physiotherapy. Since graduating I have worked in private practice for several years and have completed a number of professional development courses. These have focused on movement analysis, rehabilitation, dry needling, gait analysis, and lumbopelvic treatment and control. I will complete my Post Graduate study in Veterinary Physiotherapy through the University of Liverpool in late 2020.

I have been involved with dogs and horses my entire life. I have been a competitive show jumper since I was a child, progressing through the State Young Rider Squad. I have retrained ex-racehorses, broken in and trained several young horses and I have been teaching a Pony Clubs for the past 5 years, as well as providing private coaching to several students. I have a strong focus on improving body awareness, movement and understanding of self, and animal.

I am passionate about educating individuals and owners about themselves and their animals to ensure the highest quality of ongoing results and self-management strategies.

Tory Liarakos

Can You Guess?

The number of bones holding a horses front leg to its body?
How many km/hr can a greyhound run?
How many bones does a horse have?
How many eyelids does a dog have?

Why Choose Me?

Biomechanical Assessment
First move well, then move often. Assessing and improving movement quality is fundamental to reducing and preventing pain.
Treatment is holistic in awareness of the body, and specific in focusing on dysfunctional areas. I will develop a targeted treatment plan to help you and your animals reach your goals.
Pain causes adaption to poor movement patterns. Rehabilitation focuses on the correction of movement, building strength and improving balance.
Performance Optimisation
Eliminating pain, improving movement patterns, and focusing training goals lead to optimal performance.