Physiotherapy, treatment and rehabilitation for humans, horses and hounds

Kilarney Rise Physio

Kilarney Rise Physio is a holistic assessment, treatment and rehabilitation service for humans, horses and dogs. I provide high quality subjective and objective assessments, evidence based treatment and a strong focus on exercise prescription and rehabilitation.

Treatment and rehabilitation is tailored towards your specific goals and needs, based on biomechanics and performance optimisation. My goal is to empower you to identify and self manage yourself and your animals.

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Human physio is focused on assessing and correcting movement patterns, reducing pain and improving overall functionality.

Equine Physiotherapy

Equine physio is a holistic approach to assessing and correcting movement patterns, treating musculoskeletal pain and providing focus for training.

Canine Physiotherapy

Canine physio focuses on restoring function, mobility and reducing pain in your furry best friends.

Horse Training

Horse training is focused on creating calm, and balanced horses. Facilitating an enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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Why Choose Me?

Biomechanical Assessment
First move well, then move often. Assessing and improving movement quality is fundamental to reducing and preventing pain.
Treatment is holistic in awareness of the body, and specific in focusing on dysfunctional areas. I will develop a targeted treatment plan to help you and your animals reach your goals.
Pain causes adaption to poor movement patterns. Rehabilitation focuses on the correction of movement, building strength and improving balance.
Performance Optimisation
Eliminating pain, improving movement patterns, and focusing training goals lead to optimal performance.

Can you guess?

The number of bones holding a horses front leg to its body?
How many km/hr can a greyhound run?
How many bones does a horse have?
How many eyelids does a dog have?


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Careful assessment, tailored treatment plans, leading to optimised performance


I can help with a wide variety of issues for humans and their equine and canine friends. For further information, to book an appointment or if you have any questions, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

Pakenham Upper, VIC 3810